Product design for startups

CAEdevice is an Italian engineering company that provides industrialization services to innovative startups. CAEdevice accompanies the startup in the process in which an idea is transformed into a product. CAEdevice is based in Como, near Milan, the centre of Italian design and industrial production. The relationship with the customer is constantly updated through tools for sharing technical data and online meetings, but at the beginning of each activity, after a preliminary information exchange, our product managers visit personally the headquarters and production sites of our customers.

The “product design” process consists of these phases:

Preliminary study

Through close communication with the customer, the idea is translated into 2D and 3D drawings. Through structural simulation and fluid dynamics tools (FEM and CFD) the main criticalities and characteristics are identified. In this way, it is possible to guide the company in the first steps, including the drafting of the business plan, the initial cost estimate, and the production of graphic material (rendering, virtual reality) to promote the project to investors.

Realization of the prototype

CAEdevice provides a mechanical construction design service that can extend to software design and hardware design of electronic boards. During the design of functional prototypes, potential suppliers are also selected and proposed to the startup.

Product industrialization

Once the preliminary design phase has been completed and the experiences on the prototypes have been carried out, the information is poured into the design of a definitive device, suitable for large-scale protection. The sectors in which we are specialized are: Automotive components Home and domestic appliances Personal care Industrial Tools Health care and medical devices Valves Industrial lifting equipment